Culinary Bridge – American Culinary Culture with American and Finnish top Chefs!

All started with that deep core basics of life that Wille Eerola, the man behind the idea kept repeating to his friends; “Over the years I have seen so many new business and private relations grown around the dinner tables globally, so many new ideas and businesses relations created when surrounded by good people, fantastic food paired with super wines. I do believe the food is the real bridge between the people”. When US Embassy in Helsinki contacted him asking whether we could create something around food to celebrate the finishing recontruction work of the Embassy and the New Innovation Center in Helsinki, the story was completed!


What Culinary Bridge Event is all about?

Food is absolutely the best form of discussions in private, politics and business. We believe we all recognize the Culture of Food being absolutely the Best Ambassador in the international world, for every country and culture. Great food – and right drinks on the side –  makes people to face, try and taste new and sometimes even with very different cultures. Food brings experiments, experiences and excitement even without ever leaving your own home or home city. And the food does the same when you’re traveling and experimenting new countries, cities, people and cultures. And most of all, wonderful experiences over food and wine make us all happy and smiling – exactly how the life should always be!

That’s why we created Culinary Bridge to Finland, unique series of events highlighting the American Food culture in hands of both US or Finnish top Chefs. And we did it already three times, every time at the outstanding Innovation Center of the US Embassy in Helsinki!




The Culinary Bridge I, held in January 2013, was also a very early inauguration party of of the Innovation Center and with VIP guests like top Chefs Pekka Terävä and Chris Watson, Maryanne Wedner from Grgich Hills from Napa Valley, top wine-blogger in Finland Arto Koskelo and representatives from leading food and wine media our first ever episode really made it big! Fish from Alaska and premium US meat served in a very mouthwatering way – that’s all what the first ever Culinary Culinary Bridge was all about.

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But there was more to come. The Culinary Bridge II in September 2013 hosted the guests of the AmCham Europe meeting hosted by AmCham Finland. Such a outstanding Cuisine of Air, Sea and Land provided by the Chef Oula Hänninen and his team with Lightly Smoked Pigeon with Cépe Cream, Arctic Char Carpaccio, Pike Mousse and Roe of European Cisco and Roasted File of Reindeer, Red Wine Sauce was the menu paired with best wines from California and Oregon.


The III Episode of the Culinary Bridge took place on Tuesday, April 15 and with a very special theme: The American BBQ Edition. Video and photos are out, check it out!


And story goes on, see the News -section for all details. There you will find also links to photos and video, please also remember that Culinary Bridge exist on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

The Culinary Bridge is produced by Tatti & Tatti – Company Broadcasting Cuisines!