Here you will find a selection of videos recorded at the Culinary Bridge events. All videos produced by Robin Aarnio / The Robbyy (Bassa Marea) and courtesy of Tatti & Tatti Ltd, Finland  2009-2015. © Tatti & Tatti – A Company Broadcasting Cuisines!


Let’s take a look back – this is actually how everything around Culinary Bridge started already in 2010!

Culinary series started in 2014 but we have done plenty of great food & wine related stuff with the US Embassy for years before so let’s take a look back. This is what happened when Louisiana super Chef John Folse and his team visited the U.S. Embassy Finland already in 2010.

The Louisiana Culinary Team made sure that the huge selection of Finnish top Chefs didn’t leave the Kitchen of Ambassador’s Residence hungry! And you might recognize some of the faces of the Finnish Chefs – many so much bigger stars nowadays !

This evening in June 2010 at the US Embassy in Helsinki was just phenomenal, first broadcasted show ever done at the Ambassador’s Kitchen and really the starting point to all future Culinary Bridge events so please enjoy:

Time for the Culinary Bridge III, this time with smoking grills!

Is there anything more American than a good, mouthwatering barbeque evening? Ribs, chicken wings, burgers, sandwiches, grilled tenderloin, grilled fish – whatever your favorites might be it is all what great American BBQ is all about! On April 15, 2014 we challenged the Finnish spring weather with the awarded Finnish Chef Oula Hänninen from Katinen Manor and Tero Honkaniemi and Sami Lamminaho, two Chefs from the Nordic meat giant HKSCAN grilled hot for the 3rd Episode of the Culinary Bridge, the American BBQ Edition. Over 70 people enjoyed great BBQ tastes grilled of meat provided by USMEF and HKSCAN grilled hot on the legendary Weber grills at the Innovation Center of US Embassy in Helsinki, Finland.

See video below or click to Youtube! And don’t forget to have your speakers on because this one does jazz!

The 2nd Episode with the Amcham Europe Fall Meeting!

The Second Culinary Bridge event was held on September 19, 2013. The venue was again the great Innovation Center at the US Embassy in Helsinki and this second one we were pleased to celebrate the Amcham Europe Fall Meeting, hosted by the Amcham Finland with Chefs Oula Hänninen & Tomi Koivula. Video below or click to youtube.


The first one ever – Culinary Bridge I

The first one ever held – at the new Innovation Center of the US Embassy in Helsinki, Finland on January 24, 2013.

The First Culinary Bridge event ever – This is what it was all about!

Official Opening by Bruce Oreck, Ambassador of USA for Finland;

Wine Talks with Maryanne Wedner of Grgich Hills Estate (Napa Valley, USA) and wine blogger, Wine Devil Arto Koskelo;


All videos produced by Robin Aarnio (Bassa Marea) and courtesy of Tatti & Tatti (Ltd, Finland) 2013-2015. Tatti & Tatti – A Company Broadcasting Cuisines!